art & illustration services

"My art is the exact reflection of my personality, driven by a huge curiosity & experimenting…I love to combine many different skills to create unique, innovative & out-of-box art pieces & collections.

I strive for diversity in my art instead of perfection"

During the Covid, I left my 16 years of IT management career and decided to become a professional digital artists.

Started my own illustration services business. Focused on children's books & fantasy RPG game projects.

Became a STAR SELLER on Etsy on children's book illustration services, providing high quality & services for authors.

in late 2021, I got myself into NFT world and reflecting my versatile, innovative personality to my art to EXPERIMENT for further and to step into unknown.

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Children's Book Illustration

I am a professional children's book illustrator for hire for your commercial, self-published and even gift/personal book projects. See my services page


Concept Fantasy Art

I worked as Art Director & Illustrator Fantasy Roleplaying Games. Also accepting Custom D&D/RPG/Fantasy Character Designs & Illustrations

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I am an NFT artist doing ultra HD 1/1

hand-drawn art pieces & unique, combined, innovative & out-of-box NFT Collections

on almost every blockchain