I compose indie (independent production), electronic, ambient, dark-ambient, cinematic, soundtrack, darkwave, synthwave genre (all instrumental) music. (Music should not be categorized)

I learned to play piano at early ages. I have an absolute hearing so I self-taught myself some other instruments too however, I was never satisfied with mainstream music and wanted to shape my own dark-electronic style music. I asked my father to buy a synth in the '90s. I composed more than 100 songs with that but unfortunately lost all of them in floppy disks. 💾 Yes, there were no cloud backup solutions back then. 

Then I had a long break to this amateur hobby until 2016 but always continued to experiment and follow new technologies. 

After getting the correct tools I once again started composing music.

Currently, I am sharing my songs on my SoundCloud but I am in the process of having my songs on other streaming platforms as the number of my songs is rising. 

Meanwhile, I am making Music Tutorial Videos and share them on Youtube and Instagram. You can see some examples below. Follow and Subscribe for motivation.

Last but not least; though I found my voice not as good as a singer, this does not prevent me to sing. I sing 80's and 90's songs (boooo) on Smule @alperozdil Come join me if you are an 80's lovers like me.

When I find spare time (from other hobbies) I make how to play tutorial videos. Here are some examples from my youtube channel. Follow for motivation, visit for more.

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