Garlic & Mushroom Entertainment

Garlic & Mushroom Entertainment is an indie Game&App Studio founded by me (Alper Özdil)

I am the only member of my game studio right now. (Programming, Graphics, Design all by me.) I am publishing my apps only on Google Play right now. My former game studio Team8Games were shut down. All my apps (below) are FREE forever.


Easy Biorhythm calculates your daily and custom biorhythm waves easily and fast. UI design makes it simple to use and show the values user friendly

Easy Biorhythm (en,tr)

unnamed (1).png

Easy Chinese Zodiac (en,tr)

Easy Chinese Zodiac is all about chinese astrology. You can find your sign, element and compatibility with other signs

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ESP Challenge (en,tr)

ESP Test is a pseudoscience. if you watch the original Ghostbusters movie, test was done on 2 people. It simply calculates your 6th sense in a "cute" way 


former Studio Team8Games' games were shut down.