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Singularity Transformation; experimental, mixed-genre, instrumental music album by Alper Özdil
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Singularity Transformation 2020


is my 1st music album released in 2020

It's all instrumental and mixed-genre (darkwave, EDM, downtempo, ambient, scifi)

It's the story of an A.I. that wants to become a human and regrets in the end.

you can find the album on every music streaming platforms and also listen directly here below

objktcom Alper Özdil

Album also has NFT Collection with Utilities

Collect the NFTs & Access to Collector's Space

The NFT collection is on #tezos blockchain 

as song editions, each for 5 $XTZ


Listen the full album FREE without APPS & ADS

Download song and use in your contents

Pre-listen access to upcoming music albums

& more

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