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Thank you for your interest to my Children's Book Illustration services

my Vision :

Being a father, artist & a philosopher, I adore children's book because they can inspire young ones by helping them to think, build problem solving skills & create their personalities in early ages. I always be super happy to be a part of a book project by helping author's to visualize their great stories.I see every children's book project as a fully collaborative artwork between the author and the illustrator. 

Background :

During Covid, I had to leave my 16 years of international IT Management / Project Man. career and started focusing on one of lifetime hobby...drawing...

And quickly initiated my own business as a freelancer illustrator. 

With the help of my former career, I combined art & technology to smoothen all the processes and present a very high-quality but an easy to communicate illustration services.

In a very short amount time I raised up my Etsy Shop to a STAR SELLER SHOP

with %100 - 5 stars reviews more than 40 orders.

I'll handle & manage all technical processes from start to the finish while you

(as an author) can fully focus on your great story !!

Always feel FREE to ask for anything !!!


Reviews for my STAR SELLER  Etsy shop

★★★★★ "This artist is amazing. I am extremely happy with the artwork that was created by him and love the excellent customer service he provides. Always keeps you updated willing to work on things you want to add or change to the work."

 ★★★★★ "This art was positively perfect!! He was able to capture the essence of my character right down into the tiny details. He was a dream to work with, and made every single change I asked for, cheerfully and without complaint. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. It was better than I even imagined and I will definitely work with him again in the future! Thank you so much!!"

★★★★★ "We hired Alper to illustrate more images for our book after being so pleased with the cover. He requested more detailed descriptions, when mine were unclear. Besides being talented with his illustration skills, he maintains continuous communication with his clients. This is an essential trait! He was responsible and considerate of our time lines and requests.

★★★★★ "Followed my request to the tiny details and completed a beautiful cover" Laura P.

Portfolio Gallery / Examples

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Completed & Published Commercial Projects

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Booger the BigFoot

The forest is full of fun and adventure...until Kip loses his way. Luckily, Booger the Bigfoot befriends him and shows him the way home. A story of excitement, friendship, and of course lovable animals.

Published on Amazon


some quick steps to take before starting

1. I'll draw you a colored sketch before starting without any costs at all, I'll do it for free to make you feel more comfortable and to build trust between us before even we start to the project.

2. Once you are all ok with the sketches and character designs and if you approve the quote, I'll get the order

(you don't need to pay for all, you can pay for the number of page you request, please see Order Section below)

3. We immediately start the project after the payment is completed. 


Templates & Contract

I need a storyboard or drawing definitions before starting to a project. No problems if you don't have one. Just contact me and let's create it.


I have been using an industry standard author - illustrator contract for commercial / non commercial projects. Please ask for it after we agreed on the quote.


Order Options

You have several ordering options.

1.   You can use my Etsy Shop

2.  You can use my PayU (trusted global payment) easy link for 7/24 direct and safe bank transfers

Refund is NOT possible after we started to a project UNLESS there is a mistake.

We can make sets of payments for you to feel safe with your orders


For any questions and concerns please contact me directly