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art & story focused PIXELLATED PFP NFT collection on SOLANA
with a massive diversity OF CHARACTERS & DEEP BACKSTORY

by alperozdil



mystique shamanic clans harmonizING ancient powers
in a cyber FLORAL REALM


18 different clans with each unique abilities and story
















  • Novice Echo Shamans stand as the most numerous among their kind. Though their powers may be modest, their dedication to the ancient shamanic arts is unwavering. They are the humble guardians of tradition, attuned to the whispers of nature and the rhythms of the world around them.

    Nature's Echo : With this ability, the Novice Echoes can attune themselves to the natural energies of the environment, allowing them to sense disturbances or imbalances in the ecosystem.

  • Marked with shimmering azure symbols, these shamans possess a deep connection to the elements of wind and water.

    Whispering Breeze : They can call upon the spirits of the wind to carry messages across vast distances, enabling swift communication and coordination.

  • Golden Veil Shamans emerge with intricate golden markings that shimmer with the brilliance of dawn's first light. Their connection to the natural world is profound, reflecting the warmth and vitality of the earth's embrace

    Ethereal Veil : They can weave a shimmering golden energy veil around themselves and allies, providing protection and enhancing resilience in battle.

  • Verdant Arcanists are mystical beings, their forms adorned with verdant robes and masks infused with the essence of nature. Their presence exudes the vibrancy of the forest, embodying the harmony between magic and the natural world.

    Sylvan Harmony : channeling the essence of nature to wield spells of growth and vitality. they can call upon the elements of earth and flora to aid them in battle, their spells imbued with the rejuvenating power of the forest.

  • Bloodfire Shamans bear crimson red markings that flicker like flames, reflecting their fiery temperament and boundless passion. Their presence ignites the air around them with an aura of intensity, evoking the raw power of wildfire coursing through their veins.

    Hemorrhage Blaze : hey can unleash a torrent of searing flames infused with the essence of blood, causing their enemies to suffer from internal combustion and intense heat, leaving them weakened and vulnerable to further attacks.

  • Each mask reflects of their individuality, shrouded in ancient symbols and imbued with the secrets of the desert sands. Their presence is as enigmatic as the shifting dunes, their footsteps silent as they navigate the shifting landscape with silent grace.

    Mirage Veil : They can summon illusions that distort perception, creating mirages of themselves and allies to confuse and confound their enemies.

  • master engineers who don metallic masks with intricate functionality. Each mask serves as a tool of ingenuity and invention. Their presence is marked by the hum of machinery and the glow of arcane energy, as they tirelessly work to unlock the secrets of technology amidst the forest's verdant embrace.

    Mechanized Arsenal : They can summon a variety of mechanical constructs and gadgets from their masks, ranging from robotic sentinels to energy cannons, to aid them in combat and exploration.

  • Radiant Gaze Shamans possess luminous yellow markings that shimmer with an ethereal glow, matched only by the brilliance of their glowing eyes. Their presence is marked by an otherworldly radiance, illuminating the darkness of the forest with an aura of mystique and wonder.

    Luminous Insight : They can channel the radiant energy within them through their glowing eyes, granting them heightened perception and insight. they can pierce through illusions and reveal truths hidden in the shadows.

  • THEY are shrouded in mystery, their identities concealed behind ominous crow masks. Each mask is a symbol of their connection to the shadows, veiling their intentions in darkness and secrecy.

    Mindshadow Cloak : They can manipulate the perceptions of their enemies, causing confusion and discord among their ranks. they sow doubt and fear in the minds of their foes, rendering them vulnerable to their insidious tactics.

  • Members of the Stone Clan are often characterized by their sturdy physique and stoic demeanor. They possess a deep connection to the earth, reflected in their rugged appearance and unwavering determination. Clad in armor forged from the toughest minerals, they are a formidable sight on the battlefield, exuding an aura of unyielding strength.

    STONE Resilience : Members of the Petroclad Clan can harden their skin into solid stone, granting them exceptional defense against physical attacks. This stone-like armor also enhances their strength, making them formidable opponents in close combat.

  • Nightshade Stalkers possess horned masks crafted from obsidian, their eyes glowing with an eerie blue light that pierces the darkness of the forest. Their presence is shrouded in mystery and menace, evoking primal fear in those who dare to cross their path.

    Shadowed Gaze : They can channel the darkness within them through their glowing blue eyes, instilling fear in the hearts of their enemies AND CAN SEE VERY WELL IN THE DARK

  • adorned with ancient runes, each mark a testament to their mastery over dark and necromantic magic. Their presence exudes an aura of deathly power and arcane knowledge, instilling fear and awe in those who dare to stand before them.

    Necrotic Veil : With their command over necromantic magic, they can drain the life force of their foes and raise the fallen to fight by their side.

  • Cybermancer Technomages don masks adorned with intricate technological designs, each embedded with advanced utilities and enhancements. Their presence combines the mystique of ancient wizards with the innovation of futuristic technology, evoking awe and wonder in equal measure

    Technoarcane Augmentation : They can infuse themselves and their allies with cybernetic enhancements. they can manipulate energy fields and bend reality to their will, reshaping the battlefield to suit their needs.

  • Mystic Masqueraders don ornate masks of grandeur, their designs exquisitely exaggerated and adorned with intricate patterns that hint at the depths of their arcane power. Their presence captivates all who behold them, embodying the essence of master illusionists and arcane manipulators.

    Illusionary Mastery : They command illusions of unparalleled complexity, weaving intricate phantasms and mirages that bend reality to their will. they can shape and mold the very fabric of existence, blurring the lines between perception and reality.

  • They HAVE distinctive goggles that grant them unique visual capabilities. Infused with arcane technology, these goggles offer a range of enhancements, from heightened night vision to thermal imaging.

    Collective Chromavision : Their specialized goggles bestow upon them a collective vision, allowing them to perceive the world from multiple perspectives simultaneously. 

  • Astral Archmages are legendary figures, their presence shrouded in the mists of myth and legend. Cloaked in robes of celestial splendor, they wield arcane energies of unparalleled potency, their very essence intertwined with the fabric of the cosmos.

    Celestial Convergence: unleashing cosmic storms and bending the very laws of reality to their will. With their mastery over astral magic, they can traverse the planes of existence and summon otherworldly entities

  • Abyssal Arcanotechs are legendary beings, their skulls adorned with sinister runes pulsating with dark energy. Draped in robes interwoven with shadow-infused circuitry, they embody the unholy fusion of dark magic and advanced technology, their presence striking fear into the hearts of all who behold them.

    Shadow-Tech Nexus : They wield the power of a dark arcane-technological nexus, channeling dark magic through their technological augmentations to unleash devastating spells upon their foes. 

  • Umbral Spectres are enigmatic beings, their forms veiled in profound darkness, masks pulsating with boundless Mysterious energy. they embody a divine presence that transcends mortal affairs, their existence a mystery whispered only in the deepest recesses of the WORLD.

    Eclipsed Enigma : They commune with thE realm, channeling the energies of the IT to weave intricate spells of harmony and balance. they act as guardians of the REALM, intervening only when the very fabric of THE REALM is threatened


descriptions & the SPECIAL ABILITIES are only the part of the STORYTELLING.
it has no utility and/or game mechanics/FUNCTIONS (at least for for now)



  • SolaMYST is an art & STORY focused, one man made

    NFT collection on SOLANA BLOCKCHAIN

  • JUNE OR JULY 2024

  • Solamyst is PFP NFT collection with a strong backstory and diversity of characters and rarity with unique shamanic clans.

    future of this project is completely based on the treasury and number of holders.

    I'm a 100% doxed & transparent person, artist & A COLLECTOR. though the collection is art & STORY based,

    we can still shape it together further.


    Also will do raffles, PLAY FANTASY games BASED ON COLLECTED SIZE & more.

  • there are no traits, instead there are clans with special background & magical ability.

    since there are no traits, the clan's uniqueness determines the rarity of these techno magical shaman

    and there are no a few clans

    there are 18 clans as a starter. 

  • though I am a former independent application & game developer, i have no advanced skills in web3 development yet. but maybe i can gamify this by not even connecting a wallet. so i cannot promise anyhting because when i promise i do whatever it takes.

  • powered by aI


...In the aftermath of the catastrophe, as the world struggled to rebuild itself, the ancient relics of the shamans were rediscovered. These artifacts, imbued with the primal energies of the earth, held the key to unlocking a new era of understanding and mastery. But the people of Solnox were no longer content to rely solely on the ways of the past. Driven by a desire to reclaim their lost glory and protect their world from future threats, the clans of Solnox embarked on a journey of discovery. They delved into the ancient shamanic studies, seeking to uncover the secrets of their forebears and harness their power once more. But in their quest for knowledge, they also turned to the burgeoning technologies of their time, blending the ancient arts of magic with the marvels of modern innovation. Thus, a new chapter began in the history of Solnox, where the ancient and the modern converged in a harmonious union. The shamans of old, once revered as the stewards of nature's secrets, now stood as pioneers of a new era, their wisdom guiding the people of Solnox towards a future where magic and technology walked hand in hand. As Solnox struggled to recover from the devastation of the catastrophe, tensions between the clans began to escalate. Fueled by ambition and a thirst for power, conflicts erupted across the land, each clan fighting for dominance over the fractured realm. Utilizing their newfound understanding of ancient powers and blending them with their own specialties, the clans unleashed their unique abilities in battle, turning the once-peaceful land into a battleground of magic and technology. Amidst the chaos of war, alliances were forged and broken, heroes rose and fell, and the fate of Solnox hung in the balance as the clans fought fiercely for supremacy





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