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(Henjin na Gakatachi)

Eccentric Painters

an eccentric NFT Collection by Alper Özdil on #solana blockchain

"Once upon a time, in a small Japanese town, there lived a bunch of very peculiar people known as the "Henjin na Gakatachi," or in other words "Eccentric Painters..."

watch the trailer video for the full STORY


mushroom painter

In the heart of nature, an artist emerged enchanted by mushrooms.

With delicate strokes and vibrant pigments, she transformed ordinary fungi into miniature wonders, painting weird designs on their caps and turning them into her gallery.

Her playful creations sparked a joyful trend as others joined in, adorning nature with colorful patterns, celebrating the simple beauty found in nature's canvas.

きのこ の 画家 Mushroom Painter


In the tranquil ponds of the countryside, an artist found his muse in the graceful Koi fish.

With random strokes and vibrant shades, he transformed their sleek bodies into living artworks.

Each fish became a swimming canvas that showcased nature's beauty in every graceful movement.

Koi Fish Painter


In the heart of nature, an artist was captivated by leaves.

With a touch of creativity and colorful hues, he turned ordinary leaves into canvases.

Each leaf became a tiny artwork, a celebration of nature's beauty, on these delicate canvases scattered throughout the woods.


Leaf Painter

old japanese town with mountians, trees, river.jpg

Collect Eccentric Painters on #SOLANA Blockchain


0.1 $SOL 


In a bustling kitchen, an artist found inspiration in the simplicity of noodles.

With a dash of creativity and colorful sauces, he turned each strand into a palette for his imagination, crafting patterns and delightful scenes.

Each bowl became a canvas, a flavorful art that celebrated the artistry in everyday meals.


Noodle Painter

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