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I'm an independent musician. I recently compose; electronic, ambient, dark-ambient, cinematic, soundtrack, darkwave, synthwave genre (all instrumental) music. See my tracks on SoundCloud account.


I am in the process of showing myself on other music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, etc... So hang on and listen to my songs on SoundCloud for now. I also make music tutorial videos on my youtube channel.

Please click on the Discover More button below to read about my music background and also watch my how to play video tutorials and other music-related projects/interests.



ART below

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I draw, paint, sculpt, craft, build etc... 

I daily/ weekly share my original content and fanart works on my Youtube and Instagram
Please follow and subscribe to support and motivate an indie artist.
Click on the "Discover More" button to read about my ART-related past, current works, Video Tutorials, Model Gallery and more. 
I accept commission works for drawings/paintings and polymer clay sculpture requests. See the commission gallery below. Please contact me for details.

Commıssıon examples

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App Dev


App Dev


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I  am the founder of Garlic & Mushroom Entertainment (2015)
I release small scale / casual apps&games with easy to use interface. 
Right now there is only one member (me) who handles graphics, coding, programming, marketing, etc... 
My indie Android Apps are FREE forever. 
Click on the "Discover More" button to read about my programming/coding past and detailed information about my apps, Game Studio, and tools I used for developing games and applications.

Go to Garlic&Mushroom Google Play Studio page to view & download my FREE Apps & Games


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